External brain

Hello world

The last week, doing nothing and some Aikido in Italy, I got lots of ideas. The next few weeks I hope to publish, explain and implement them.

But before I can explain them to you, I will have to give you some background information.

Info 1) I am working for an Anti Virus company (writing special detection code and analysing malware) and did not want to blog about job releated things at first. This will have to change a bit.

Info 2) My external brain is available at https://lug.asprion.org/wiki/lug Data in there is neither correct nor complete. Others will add stuff there too. But it will be an important tool soon.

Info 3) I am using Linux since at least 7 years, Red Hat, Debian and Ubuntu mainly

Info 4) I started to enjoy the flexibility of Open Source some years ago and wrote extensions for Gedit and Nautilus. But these are specific AV-Research extensions and would be no use for anyone but me and my colleagues (and are Company Internal anyways)

Ok. You got some information. Everything is relevant. The first info the most. The wiki will now be updated regularly. You can start guessing what will happen next.

See you


~ by thorstensick on June 11, 2009.

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