Dell Mini v10, with Ubuntu

I want to be able to develop and play with technology everywhere. So I bought me a Netbook –  hoping it to be light and having a good keyboard. I never intended to run Windows on it, so I went for the Dell with Ubuntu pre-installed.

The booklet has half  a page how to start an Ubuntu for the first time and a whole page how to start Windows-lots of registration stuff needed.

I got it running within seconds.

The pre-installed Ubuntu is quite comfortable but I want the newest version for my experiments. Ubuntu Netbook Remix (Jaunty) was the way to go.

It was installed in a few minutes.Impressive. But my netbook uses an SSD, so this could be the main reason for the speed. All hardware I used so far works out of the box.

It runs smoothly and works very well on the small screen.

The keyboard is very good. A bit smaller than a normal keyboard, but much better than I feared. I can write at almost my normal speed.
The only design bug is the touchpad. There is a workaround to fix the worst, but you should use a mouse instead as much as possible.


~ by thorstensick on July 9, 2009.

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