The night is dark and full of terrors 1

You just re-installed your brother’s (neighbour’s, friend’s) windows because it got infected with several malware programs.
Now it’s time to light a candle and look at the monsters who forced you and thousands of other people to waste hours fixing computers.

Crackers (Also known as hackers)
Who: Skilled hackers with reduced ethics
Goals: Fame
Victims: They want to program something special and get the attention of the media. An outbreak would do that.
Damage: Lots of computers either infected or rendered useless
Protection: Updates+Virus scanner with advanced technology
Tools: They write their own

  • They are almost extinct. (Hurray !)
  • They try to make something new and uniq. If someone else already wrote something similar, they loose interest. (Example: The two malware samples for PalmOS. After these had been written, it got boring)

description of zmist

Next Post: Script Kiddies

~ by thorstensick on July 23, 2009.

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