The night is dark and full of terrors 3

Who: Skilled hackers with lots of endurance wanting to make lots of money
Goals: Money
Victims: They try to infect the masses. Stealing 5€ each from 100 000 people leads to half a million
Damage: Stolen bank data, SPAM, Phising, create a Botnet
Protection: Updates and AV software. Secure systems.
Tools: Tools are written by Malware Authors, selling them to Malware Consultants who run the attacks.
Attacks: The rely on social engineering

  • Social Engineering is used
  • They do not want their malware to be detected-infection will not be noticed by the user
  • Who and how to attack is a commercial decision
  • Users should be educated, but educating the masses is an almost futile attempt because they do not share a single source of information (if they want any at all)

~ by thorstensick on August 1, 2009.

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