Collateral damage

Malware harms a linux desktop, even if the linux computer is not infected.

There are several ways in which this happens. One way is Spam and Phising.

If a windows computer got infected and the email addresses stored on it are harvested to be sold to spammers, an address of a linux user can be stolen. (Other sources for email addresses are webcrawlers…)

The result: A linux user gets Spam and Phising. The average user is either not able to set up his mail client or does not want to send minutes to google how to configure it. The average user also is not willing to spend more time than needed to set up public key cryptography.

A mail client (with the spam filter) and signatures for mails would increase security an make it more comfortable for the user. It would reduce the revenues for the malware authors. If no one sees Spam, no one clicks it, no one pays and no one gets payed.

My goal for the next half year (and I want it published with ubuntu 10.4) is to make setting up the mail client and setting up the public key system easy enough for my mother to use without direction.

I already posted some bugs.

Simple Evolution confiuration

Simple key creation

Simple fetching of keys


Simple key verification

As soon as evolution uses seahore for encryption my task will be solved with these bugs.

Your job:

  • Keep an eye on the progress and push me onwards if I should slow down
  • If you use an other mail client, post similar bugs there and link to the evolution bug (we could share the database)
  • If you want to help me code, do so
  • I am still learning how to best contribute to open source software – please help me if I get into trouble
  • Give me some feedback
  • Tell your friends about this project. I will need help

~ by thorstensick on August 7, 2009.

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