Collateral damage update I

The more I am involved in this project the more it grows…new bugs are opened, code is explored and small patches written…

At the moment I have two central points where I will have to change things


Most of the changes will be in seahorse. I will have to understand it first. At the moment I dig into the code and leave comments behind me, so others can follow and I find my way back to civilisation.

Also I fix some bugs to get the feeling – getting used to Git and the other tools involved. After I managed that I can start making bigger changes in the Dbus Interface. So far no one complained in the bugzilla and some of my ideas got really interesting feedback and are enhanced now.

There seems to be a amlost finished project from the google summer of code to integrate seahorse into evolution. This will be important soon.


Encryption must be from user to user. It is essential to enable everyone to use a mail client. SMTP/POP configuration is not rocket science, but I doubt the average user will spend more than 3 minutes to try to figure it out. Adding a database with the default configuration for the top 100 (?) mail providers is a central part of my idea.

Modest and Anjal have a similar database. But each one has less than 10 entries. Seems to me the boring stuff (finding and collecting the settings for the mail providers) is not a project people want to spend their time on. I am not surprised.

So far there are three options:

  1. Write a program that reads the configuration from thunderbird/evolution, spread it and collect the data.
  2. Wiedi found something interesting: A draft for records containing server settings.
  3. Try a kind of brute force approach to test the servers for their settings…could work…or kill us all…or something like that.
  4. Sit down with lots of coffee and browse to the different mail providers to collect the data

Before writing any code for this bug, the database problem must be solved. This is the next big thing I will do the next few days.

All this while continuing to learn seahorse internals.

~ by thorstensick on August 28, 2009.

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