The more things happen…

…the more I have to decide what to blog about

I do not have lots of time to blog at the moment. Many things are happening. Many things I did not want to write about in this blog to keep it specific.

In Germany there will be elections-the first ones after some very strange decissions of the government about freedom, security and the internet. But this is not a political blog

In the city I live in (Ravensburg) there was a kind of city-wide gaming convention. Kept me busy for a bit more than a weekend with my gaming club Weltenwanderer

But this is not a gaming blog

My girlfriend just finished her politics exams – not a studies blog

I will go to Morocco soon for holidays – not a travel blog either

It is a blog about programming, Open Source and computer security (in a very specific way) with some additional hints about myself.

I will go to the Achab conference in Italy soon. I am looking forward to this. This is security related and because of this I can post this blog entry.


~ by thorstensick on September 20, 2009.

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