Karmic Koala Updating

First: It is worth updating to Karmic. The Open Source programmers, the Ubuntu community and Canonical did a very good job. I enjoy all the small and large improvements. I am testing AppArmor Firefox and it seems to work perfectly. Karmic is great.

I just updated my last Jaunty Ubuntu to Karmic. Despite some rumors on the net it was absolutely boring. 5 computer out of 5 are using Karmic Koala now.

1 Netbook

1 Desktop at home

1 Laptop at home

2 Desktops at work

(and some Virtual Machines)

My girlfriend ( no computer scientist at all) also updated her Laptop to Karmic.

Only my Laptop at home had some minor problems when it did not update everything at once and the X got broken. But not enough to get me (several years of Linux, epecially Debian experience) into trouble. I just got onto the console and finished the update. Not the kind of catastrophe the internet is talking about.

I do not know if it was an Ubuntu problem or more on the hardware side, the other computers did not have anything.

Before updating: This is the time when you should do your bi-annual backups.

If you want to wait till all the small glitches are ironed out: wait two more weeks. Update before Christmas, spend the holidays with friends and family.


~ by thorstensick on November 17, 2009.

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