Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.4) on my Dell mini v10 netbook

I updated/installed Lucid Lynx on 4 computers so far. No problem anywhere. My Graphics card (Asus EAH 5770) now gets a driver out-of-the-box. Thanks.

I measured the boot speed on my Netbook and compared it with Karmic Koala

Karmic Koala needed 37 seconds, 7 seconds of that is BIOS (19 %).

Lucid Lynx needs 25 seconds from pressing the button to the UI. (Login screen switched off).

Booting Linux (without BIOS) needs 18 seconds, BIOS eats 28 % boot time now.

It only needs 68 % of the time Karmic needed to boot. WOW ! Good job.

My hardware DVD player needs 14 seconds. My netbook is getting close.

Oh, and the feature I love the most: Nautilus’ F3 dual folder view (or whatever it is called). It has a large impact on my daily work.

Mood: Thankful

~ by thorstensick on May 13, 2010.

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