Guadec 2010 First Stuxnet presentation ever


As far as I know my presentation at Guadec 2010 about desktop malware was the first presentation covering Stuxnet.

(Please tell me if you know different).

The presentation was focused on potential threats to Linux users and I used the new Malware with the shocking features to show how tricky malware got. The sample I described was not named Stuxnet at that time and only the LNK infection features and the SCADA “support” were known-but that is strange enough.

Now, months later,the Kaspersky/Symantec/Microsoft guys and lots of other researchers did dig deeper. If you have not heard about Stuxnet you should read their papers and their Blogs. Shocking stuff. But maybe you heard enough already-in this case, ignore any post about Stuxnet. Ignore this Blog

CU soon

~ by thorstensick on October 13, 2010.

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