New challenges

The last few months I started my new job as a “Security Innovator” at my company ( My first most important tasks were to create a Tech-tree/Roadmap for our new security features (create a strategy) and to gather information (intelligence).

Long story short: Get lots of information and try to grasp its meaning.

Images, diagrams and graphs help a lot.

I am very glad I did not start using Visio/Dia because the graphs changed all the time and are grown to 170 items at the moment, connected up, down, left and right. A mess.

The way I handled it was to create a JSON database where each item got a description and dependencies. A small python program creates a DOT file out of it, GraphViz does it’s magic and the result is a very large SVG and an HTML file. Huzzah !

Similar results can be gained by using matplotlib to create graphs from data. I started using Open Office, but keeping the diagrams up to date was a boring chore. More effective is to go for matplotlib and automation again. Long story short: matplotlib is very complicated, but you will need not all its features. Just use the ones which are relevant for you and be surprised how fast you can get results. Do not be intimidated.

Sorry, no more details yet. I am tired

Good night

More soon

~ by thorstensick on October 27, 2010.

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