Facebook wins

I joined Facebook as an experiment. Wanted to know what all the fuzz is about. I am still not as addicted as many of my friends, but I start to understand some of the stuff going on there. Some of the things behind the curtains. Some psychology.


But to keep it simple: November the 5th is my birthday. Lots of people wished me well, sent greetings…

SMS/Phone (*): 6

Xing: 3

Mail: 2

Facebook: 16

Facebook wins

(*): My little brother did send me 25 SMS, each one containing one word. The last few SMS were (“Now”,”I”,”have”,”a””SMS”,”Flatrate”), I count this all as 1. (**)

(**): This crashed my cell phone which had full SMS memory already


I know very well that Facebook became the number 1 communication platform for many people out there. But I am really surprised by the huge amount of people using it.


~ by thorstensick on November 6, 2010.

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