2010 Wrap-up

Time for my personal wrap-up of 2010. Turns out it was bussier than I thought.

Just a short one, I wrote about most of the items here already.


Fosdem 2010:

A very interesting conference I a city I love. The first time I met some of my Co-Hackers.


Guadec 2010:

There it got more GNOME centered. I hoped to achieve a bit more, but maybe I triggered some processes and ideas. I want a malware free Linux desktop and still fear with enough market share there will be malware sooner or later. Better start securing it before that happens.


VB 2010:

Stuxnet. ’nuff said.



A restructuring in my company gave me the opportunity to go for a more Research centered job. 4 months and 5 bosses later the job turned out to be even more research centered than I thought. Now there is a R&D department and I get the chance to play with lots of cool tech (see below).


I love to travel. I spend several weeks a year in some other countries. 3 totally new countries on my list are Israel, Canada and Netherlands.

Technology to play with

I got some new technology to play with in 2010. Kindle, IPhone and Facebook are some of them. Firefox extension another one. Thanks to that I found out what JavaScript is good for ­čÖé


My books of the year 2010 are “Pragmatic Thinking and Learning” and the “Dresden Files”

The year of the last S├╝dcon..

…we organized. Number 10 was the last on of the old team, now there is a fresh and new one.


Will be even better. 5 days in the new year and I already know: C++, Hadoop, Java, Javascript, Firefox Extensions and Artificial Intelligences will entertain me the next few months. Huzzah !

~ by thorstensick on January 8, 2011.

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