The Nophish shock

I wrote a quite simple Firefox extension to experiment with other approaches to Phising detection. The “old” stuff is blacklists. My new concept is based on one insight: The malicious task the Phising page has to do is upload passwords to a evil server. This is the anchor for all the other actions.

These are:

  • Check a local, learned list of pages the user visits a lot
  • ask our Avira server
  • ask the user
  • …to be continued

so far for the basics. I expected about 50 users for this extension. Especially after I wrote so many warning messages about the Extension being experimental.

The cool Firefox statistics tell me, it has more than 230 users. Shock !

The reason for this explosion of user numbers is a very good press coverage


In french

On Twitter

On Softepic download site

Taknia ( most exclamations marks so far)

Some others with short abstracts and screen shots (I love feedback)

Hack Illusions

Technology News HQ

I especially love Addictive Tips

Thanks everyone for the users !

This project was a low priority project here at Avira (similar to those Google Projects)

~ by thorstensick on March 1, 2012.

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